NIIT – Student & Mentor Community on Metaverse

Students in the NIIT metaverse will access new thinking – work closely with mentors and instructors to learn and engage with new innovative technologies.

Mentors and Students Teamwork– build skills to lead and collaborate with a team by addressing global challenges. Industry connections – Network with industry mentors and influential people from industry, the university, and government.

Learn new skills - Communication, team-building, problem solving, ideation, challenges, quizzes and more!

  • Enter an immersive, socially connected educational world.
  • Remote Education With Realistic Classrooms and Interactive Lessons
  • Help Students Socialize And Build Relationships With Peers & Faculty
  • Build a Sense Of Community And Culture In Online Programs
  • DriveHigher Course Participation And Satisfaction

Student Avatars - Students Love Being Themselves

With quick-change choices in outfits and hairstyles, student avatars showcase genuine diversity and personality.
Partnered with global industry leader in Metaverse Avatar creators – Ready Player Me